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About Us

Spreading Open Source awareness

Open Source Wave     is committed to spreading open source awareness.

We build the content to educate the community on open source and bring the latest news from open source world. Featuring insights from various open source foundations like Apache Software Foundation. Monthly news video published to share the updates on the open source world.
Open Source Wave     also features amazing open source projects.



Meet The Team




  • Sally Khudairi
  • Sally Khudairi

Active in the Web since 1993, Sally Khudairi is the publicist behind some of the industry's most prominent standards and organizations. Sally is a long-time champion of collaborative innovation, notably as the former deputy to Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Head of Communications for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). She helped launch The Apache Software Foundation in 1999, and was elected its first female and non-technical member. Sally is Vice President of Marketing & Publicity and Vice President of Sponsor Relations for The Apache Software Foundation, and Chief Executive of luxury brand communications consultancy HALO Worldwide. She helped launch Creative Commons, and co-founded Silicon Valley startups that were acquired by Google and Amazon. She is a technical governance advisor to the Libra Association, specifically to their technical steering committee (announced January 2020), and champions "Tomorrow's Technology Today" as lead commentator in the documentary, "FUD", and featured participant in the "Women Of The Blockchain" and “Faces of Open Source” projects. She is executive producer of "Trillions and Trillions Served", the documentary on The Apache Software Foundation.


Shane Curcuru


  • Shane Curcuru
  • Shane Curcuru
  • Shane Curcuru

Shane is founder of Punderthings℠ LLC consultancy, helping organizations find better ways to engage with the critical open source projects that power modern technology and business. He blogs and tweets about open source governance and trademark issues, and has spoken at major technology conferences like ApacheCon, OSCON, All Things Open, Community Leadership Summit, and Ignite.

Shane is serving a as an elected Director of the ASF, providing governance oversight, community mentoring, and fiscal review for all Apache projects. Previously, shane served as VP Brand Management for the ASF for eight years, and wrote the trademark and branding policies that cover all 200+ Apache® projects, including assisting projects with defining and policing their trademarks, as well as negoitating agreements with various software vendors using Apache software brands.

Otherwise, Shane is: a father and husband, a BMW driver and punny guy. Oh, and he is having cute cats. Follow @ShaneCurcuru and read about open source communities and see his FOSS Foundation directory.

Swapnil M Mane.png


Founder &
Content Manager

  • Swapnil M Mane
  • Open Source Wave
  • Swapnil M Mane

Swapnil is an open-source leader and advocate. He is serving as Vice President at the Apache Community Development. Apache Software Foundation is the world's largest open-source foundation. He is an active contributor to numerous open-source projects varying from ERP, CMS, Progressive Web App domain like Apache OFBiz, Roller, Vue Storefront, Storefront UI, Peregrine CMS, etc. and is involved in a wide variety of roles in these FOSS projects like the founder, lead, mentor, core contributor, evangelist, etc.
He has been involved in multiple dimensions in Apache Software Foundation, like leading the Apache Local Community initiative, managing the foundation's weekly and monthly news round-ups, and part of project management committees of various projects, like Community Development, OFBiz, Roller, etc.

He has intensive experience in building software for business automation and skilled in E-commerce, Order Management System, Omni-Channel, and PWA strategy. Have intensive experience in building enterprise-grade applications. More about him can be found here.

Sachin Mane Photo.jpg

Sachin M Mane

Founder & Engineer

  • Sachin M Mane

Having spent more than four years diving deep into the world of Frontend Development, he embarked on an unending journey to understand and untangle the intricate web of technology. his initial steps into this universe began as a rookie Frontend developer at Supersourcing, back when it used to go by the name Engineerbabu. This adventure continues to captivate me as he find himself at the intersection of past achievements and future possibilities, having honed his skills across a diverse range of 11 projects.

His academic pursuits have taken him on an unconventional path, leading to the acquisition of two master's degrees—one in the realm of broadcast journalism and another in the realm of social work. This eclectic mix of education has bestowed upon me a multidimensional outlook, which He proudly incorporate into his approach to the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Beyond the binary code, his life finds its roots in a profound connection with Subhash Palekar’s esteemed natural farming movement. For almost eight years, I've played an integral role in this organic mechanism, ardently volunteering to spread the wisdom of natural farming techniques. As he step into the fabric of our team, my contribution goes beyond mere lines of code. It's a fusion of diverse experiences that uniquely enrich the tapestry we're weaving together.

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