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OFBiz, an open source enterprise ERP and much more ...

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Welcome! This week we are featuring another powerful open source project which helps in running and handling a business.

In nutshell, Apache OFBiz is an open source product for the automation of enterprise processes that includes framework components and business applications for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) E-Commerce, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Resource Planning, Enterprise Asset Management.

OFBiz is a comprehensive suite of business applications to help manage everything from accounting and CRM through warehousing and inventory control. OFBiz is a complete enterprise grade ERP solution.


The project was developed by David E. Jones and Andrew Zeneski in 2001.

It became the part of Apache Incubation January 2006 and became the top level project in same year in December.

OFBiz is acronym for Open For Business.

Who are using OFBiz in the real world?

The OFBiz is having two separte and important parts, framework and business application named as plugins.

This allow user to use only framework if they want build enterprise grade application.

e.g. Altasian Jira is using Apache OFBiz entity engine.

(The entity engine is the part of framework, responsible for interaction with entities.)

Apart from this, Apache OFBiz is used by various enterprise like United Airlines and Cabi.


The core part of any open source project is it's community, the OFBiz has vibrant community.

At the time of publishing this blog, the project has 52 Committers and 30 PMC (project management committee) members.

The contributors are from all over the world, like USA, India, France, Germany, Italy, China, and many more...

The more details Apache OFBiz Committee at found at

To connect with OFBiz community you have various options:

# Mailing List

The mailing list is the primary source of communication for OFBiz project. Majority of discussion is happens on mailing list. More details can be found at

If you are new to mailing list term and not sure how to subscribe to mailing list, have a look at How to Subscribe / Unsubscribe Apache Mailing List.

# Slack

If you would like to chit chat with them, they also active on Slack chanel in ASF space.

Please create a Slack account using this invite link and join the #ofbiz channel.

# Social Media


Apache OFBiz logo is a trademark of The Apache Software Foundation.

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